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Sunday, December 17, 2006

Mail Mess!

Last Friday I watched Tonight with Trevor McDonald. Although most nights it's not with Trevor but some other reporter, it is always intriguing viewing. I don't suppose the chap in charge of this country watches (Blair self deprecatingly acknowledged this fact last week!). If he had he would realise what a mess everything is. Or does he already know, as his scribes in Downing Street seem to have been working on a memo suggesting that most of the country thinks his New Labour project a disaster - "shambles"!

The programme was a treat with veteran reporter Michael Nicholson probing the bizarrre antics of Royal Mail. The main nonsense uncovered was the practice of postmen dropping off sacks of mail outside so-called safe houses. These could be anyone's place, not necessarily with the owner's permission or knowledge, and left for hours on end. As Nicholson said to the camera, "This is not safe, now is it?" The answer is a ringing no. Apparently in London large amounts of mail gets stolen from these hidey-holes. No worries then for Royal Mail. The stuffed shirt who came on defending the Royal Mail's day seemed totally unworried. The chairwoman of Postwatch was slightly more concerned, but even she thought the practice of dumping these bags in the view of any old footpad with a penchant for other people's CDs was sort of OK!

Any wonder this country, let alone the Home Office, is not fit for purpose? During the programme it was revealed that a record reviewer, who was sent 52 CDs from various parts of the country by the ITV team, had 8 not turn up. 8 CDs someone else is playing! Some days it is worse for him.

All this shows how under New Labour there is a crazed approach to go for meaningless targets with the customer/voter/citizen being dumped on in the process. Blair has the cheek to suggest that Post Office branches can close to save money. But these cretins in charge are wasting it by the bucket load the other end! Blair couldn't care less about rural Post Offices. He stopped them doing most Government work anyway. The Airhead then says slyly that they should give the customers what they want, in this competive world. He knows diddly-squat!


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