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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Superbug increase sparks warning

I mentioned Edward Jenner earlier. It's a pity he can't be resurrected and taken round to see that verbose Aussie doubling up as the Health Secretary. She really hasn't got a grip on things. She didn't last year when she was fumbling about in the dark over Rover Group. Nottinghamshire coroner, Nigel Chapman, has warned a superbug could cause "huge problems" for the NHS. The infection clostridium difficile (C Diff) had been a contributory factor in 12 deaths in Nottingham hospitals in the past month apparently. Everyone knows that washing your hands after going to the lavatory is the thing to do. But does everyone DO it? Not from what I can see. Stand in a gents loo anywhere and glance around. You'll see plenty coming in and going out WITHOUT ever doing it.

The C Diff Support Group has some good stuff on all this.

The BBC says "C Diff is usually spread on the hands of healthcare staff and other people who come into contact with infected patients or contaminated surfaces such as floors, bedpans and toilets." Correct! A couple of months ago I spent 2 nights in hospital. I could see that not everything was OK on that score. Perhaps Mrs. Hewitt should spend a couple of nights in a hospital and then report back (honestly) to the Commons.

Just before Christmas I was in a supermarket and needed to go to the loo. The stink in the gents was unbelievable and I told the security guard so. Problem, I thought, was that he didn't take it that seriously! The problem here lies in our hands - literally!


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