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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Gay Times

The New Labour regime is making sure that their views are not only respected but OBEYED! Ruth Kelly is apparently fighting in Cabinet for the Catholic Church's right to place children with families, and not with other types of living arrangements. Today, government ministers have been talking about "homophobia" and almost denouncing the Church as bigots. It seems they are adopting a form of "Christophobia" - I made that one up, just like they do! Hatred of people is not a Christian act, but the Church's doctrine on celibacy and matrimony is well known. The fact that New Labour publicly rubbishes the Church, albeit in spin-like subtlety, shows what respect they have for views other than their own!

I would have thought tolerance was about excepting people but not necessarily agreeing with them. Why is it deemed right for a gay couple to force their opinions on the Church? Is it OK to go into a halal butcher and order pork chops? When is all this nonsense going to stop! A gay couple could easily adopt from a gay agency? We are being made to think that half the country is gay. If a b&b landlord has to accept a gay couple, are they "consenting adults in private" or are they breaking the Sexual Offences Act by making it more public. The trouble with New Labour is that they are mainly humourless zealots underneath with no inkling as to what their lawmaking can do.

I expect quite a few test cases in the future!


Nu Lab have made an industry out of creating new thought crimes and they think that by legislating they will change the moral basis for society. All they are doing is causing division.

Ultimately, many people, Christian and non-Christian alike, will feel that gay adoption, at best, is a secondary substitute to placing the child with a heterosexual couple. It doesn't fit with the natural order of life itself, whatever people's religious beliefs are.

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