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Friday, January 05, 2007

New Year and New Problems

Not even a week into the New year and things start over as before. The army is being stuffed - big time. A hapless minister, one Derek Twigg, comes on TV and admits it's not good. But if that soldier hadn't emailed his mother, would Twigg have twigged that the country would be alarmed at the filthy conditions the forces are supposed to live in? No! He was hoping nothing would happen. Only months ago this devious crowd was suggesting the new Chief of the Defence Staff was a loose cannon. Trouble is the cannon balls the government are using are crap and so is the sytem of maintaining the army. Twigg mumbles on about spending money, but I get the impression it's very much the usual mix of paying to patch things up. No proper project management.

Blair talks about renewal of the nuclear deterrent, but what good is a bloody big bomb if the Army is driving clapped out vehicles, living in housing that even the Soviet Union would have despised, and picking up rifles that fire inaccurately or not at all. John Reid, in an attempt to look like a potential leader, waffles on about New Labour to a bunch of easily pleased activists but he conveniently leaves out the travails of the Army.

Blair's going this year (we all think?) and I hope he takes this lot of weasel wordsmiths with him.


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