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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Romanian Romantics?

On January 1st, the European Union welcomed two new members, Bulgaria and Romania. Much is being said in the chattering circles about the possibility of people from these Balkan lands coming over to the UK and "taking jobs". I think that they might but in the muddled thinking of the EU bureaucracy, some citizens of the union are more equal than others. Romania is still on a sort of probation. For some time now, I've thought that the Brussels machine was akin to Animal Farm and its characters. Which animal is which is something of a nightmare scenario!

However, a more significant point is that it now is 60 years since the Romanians had a king. That king is still with us. King Michael I, descendant of Queen Victoria and 3rd cousin to the present Queen, is waiting for the possibility that his countymen and women may one day see the benefits of constitutional monarchy.

You know what? It did OK for Spain! I would concur with Romanian monarchists that their country would fare well under such a system and that this man would bring dignity to a country ravaged by communist clowns and the husband and wife team that was Nicolae and Elena Ceau┼čescu.


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