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Friday, February 02, 2007

Here's A Funny One!

"Here. Have you heard the one about the prisoner, the policeman and the parrot? No? Er...hold on a minute.....no...well, it goes like this....yes...the policeman was walking...you don't like it...OK...what about this? A man goes into a store...."

How would you distract a criminal whilst the police arrived? Put on a show. Tell jokes. Recite a poem? Tony McNulty, the ludicrously inadequate Home Office minister has suggested people "distract" potential criminals while waiting for police to intervene. "Don't hit me, Knuckler, you'll love this one!" I thought McNulty was crazy when Blair sacked him once before. It only goes to show the paucity of New Labour's abilities. Can it get worse? Probably!
I'm not sure which will get us first. The effects of global warming or the incompetency of this bunch of crooks, creeps and cretins.

I'm reading Terry Waite's book about his capture in the Lebanon. "Keep brave. Keep strong" is Terry's mantra to himself. Agreed. We must not give up hope. But with people like McNulty around you wonder if an order should be sent out for a whole heap of pearl-handled revolvers!


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