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Monday, February 19, 2007


Americans are probably the most vociferous people in the world when it comes to religion, declaring their allegiance to God, etc, etc. A lot of times, though, the message appears to be one without Christian charity as a component part. The Christian gospel explains quite simply that wrongdoers (sinners) are like sheep. Sometimes they get lost. The Shepherd looks around for the one that is lost. The 99 are not His concern, as they are already happily in the fold.

Some Americans seem to have an understanding of the Gospel that is diametrically opposed to the message that is written down. Thankfully, a good number who have not succumbed to the vitriol of vengeance are speaking up. One such person is Vicki Schieber , who speaks at meetings about her daughter, Shannon. Shannon was a student in Pennsylvania. She was raped and murdered at her hall of residence and the killer was caught only after he moved to a different state and committed another rape. She says she was pressed by state prosecutors to call for the death penalty for her daughter's killer, but she refused. "It was against everything I was brought up to believe. Taking another person's life is wrong. Don't put a question mark where God puts a period," she tells a group at the Lady of Mercy church in the small town of Potomac, Maryland, to spontaneous cheering.

Maryland is considering abolishing the death penalty. They may do so. However, there are still groups that flourish with vengeance as the driving force. Throw Away The Key is one such group that would have had severe difficulties listening to the Sermon on the Mount. For them some lost sheep have no more relevance in this world that a Bernard Matthews turkey!

Justice is providing firm and proper punishment linked to rehabilitation. Vengeance is its own ugly spirit!


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