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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Tesco in the Grand Canyon State

The good folk of Arizona are about to get Tesco! That great British supermarket is going to try its luck on the dusty dudes of Phoenix and other places. Sainsbury's and Marks & Spencer tried the USA out, but retreated. Americans probably weren't keen on the "brand offer".

In the UK, where eating out is notoriously expensive, or hard to come by, or just not worth it (yes, I know it's getting better!) having a microwaveable platter from Tesco is not a bad idea for many people. In the US, you'd be bonkers to go into a supermarket for a TV dinner! San Quentin served up better meals. No, you'd go out to eat if you hadn't "fixed it" yourself at home. Americans are just so lucky in having so many places to eat out! They're not expensive as such. Oh boy! Don't go down that route. I'm looking out at a dismal cold February evening...........................

Tesco would be best advised to give the supermarket folk of Arizona all the things that their esteemed founder wanted to give people. Food at cheap prices, nothing fancy! 'Fresh & Easy' will be a success if it just that!


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