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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The Way Forward for New Conservatives?

Sir Patrick Cormack, the affable MP for South Staffordshire, has a few antis in his local party. They want to deselect him, so they got the usual motion in hand. This time they won, by one vote it seems. Cormack did not take it too well, giving his forthright opinions. It seems 30 odd bods can decide the future of a candidate or MP. Now that's where a proper primary would help. The New Conservatives are keen when it suits them, not so keen when it doesn't.

Sir Patrick says obliquely of David Cameron that, should he become Prime Minister, he would "need one or two people who have been around a bit to help him". Well, Blair needed the creepy duo, Mandelson and Campbell, to keep him up to speed. I think Cormack is thinking more of avuncular advice rather than treachery and spin.

Cormack describes those that would do him down as having an "agenda" but "I'm not sure exactly what it is". This is the problem. A whole load of Blue Blairites are now in the Conservative Party causing all manner of problems, but they have no inclininations towards understanding their core support. Hence the rise of Nigel Farage and his band of UKIP peers and people punters.

I predict come the next General Election the right of centre vote will fly in all directions - Conservatives, Independents, UKIP, English Democrats, BNP, Local Campaign Groups, et al. David Cameron will probably try to do a deal with the Liberal Democrats in order to advise Her Majesty that he "commands a majority amongst his peers", and having nobody who has "been around a bit" to say no, will have Sir Ming as his new avuncular soulmate!

Then British politics will start unravelling big time!


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