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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Barclays Blusters On!

Christine Farnish, the Public Policy Director of Barclays, would make a good politician! She totally misses the point. The Whistleblower programme was not just about fraudulent accounts, but more about the gross abuse of customers by getting aggressive sales staff to sell stuff customers didn't want or didn't need. She conveniently puts her mind out of the loop on this one.

What she needs to do is scrap the ridiculous sales targets which amount to staff preying on customers. She needs to go back to having advisors in the branches, not commission-led spivs ringing up from an overheated call centre.

So we can rest assured all the calls to Barclays customers will be of an advisory nature, can we? We are waiting Christine! Oh, and you missed out telling us about your overdraft fees. We heard on the programme it costs the bank £1.50 tops! The staff member on the programme giving his opinions seemed to think £40 was a bit stiff. Do you agree?


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