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Friday, March 02, 2007

Blair gestures his thoughts!

Long ago at university, young Blair thought it fun to make rude gestures and play to the gallery. This photograph, which apparently hasn't been seen in its entirety much, shows us just what he was really doing! The old "head & shoulders" cropped picture of before revealed little.

The thing is, most people today would think the gesture applies to him, for all his political conniving and devious spinning.


I'm not a Blair fan, but be fair, everyone does silly things when at Uni. I'd hate for some of my photo's to be splashed on the front page.

It sounds like David Cameron has far more skelton's in his closet from his uni days anyway...

I agree that most of us did silly things when we were young, myself included. I was really pointing out that Blair's character seems to have allowed some of this to follow him into adult life.

Robin cook once said that Blair had a teenager's approach to plotting and scheming, in that he got quite a buzz from it.

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