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Friday, March 02, 2007

Justice and a Justice!

This country has got some odd ways it seems. We have people in high places doing all sorts. Democracy throws up the weak as well as the strong. So we get politicians romping on the floor of their offices with diary secretaries, we get politicians cheating on their wives, their accountants, the taxman, but most of all, the electorate.

Today another miscarriage of justice has been righted. The zealots of the social services in Bromsgrove took against Ian and Angela Gay, suggesting they force fed a three-year-old boy they hoped to adopt. The accusation was they killed him with overdoses of salt. The truth is more accurately that the boy suffered from a rare condition which meant that it was normal. New medical evidence suggested the high salt levels were natural.

So another couple go through hell because these zealots, who seem to have had a class issue as well with the Gays over their "rich lifestyle" made all manner of accusations against them. The police followed through with this in usual style. However, as soon as they were found guilty, all sorts of people smelt a rat's doing. A Central News reporter was uneasy, the doctor on the post mortem was uneasy, nearly all except the CPS. Ah, the CPS, that stalwart band of know-it-alls!

This is how a "spokesman" defended the CPS decision to pursue a retrial in the case. In a statement, it said: "In the light of the new medical evidence, we believe we were right to place it before a jury for the second time. I am satisfied that the CPS fulfilled its duty under the Code for Crown Prosecutors. Our thoughts today are with Christian's family." No mention of the Gays. The CPS couldn't even bring themselves to say sorry!

And when it comes to those judging us? Well, how about a bit of indecent exposure on trains in South London! Yes, judges too, have their highs and lows! British Transport Police said they have charged Lord Justice Sir Stephen Richards, 56, with two counts of exposure following a decision by the Crown Prosecution Service.

The problem of today is that those running the criminal justice system, such as the police, the judges, the crown prosecution lawyers, et al - well, they also have dirty laundry.

It's the devil's own business trying to set an example, isn't it?


What puzzles me is that it is reported here http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/hereford/worcs/4039993.stm that: "He died in December 2002 of brain injuries and salt poisoning.

Susan Caynak was working as a sister at Russells Hall Hospital in Dudley, West Midlands, when the toddler arrived.

She told the jury: "His eyes were half closed, half open. He was unresponsive and initially, at that point, I thought he was dead."

Sister Caynak said an abnormal urine test was recorded and that Christian was administered saline through a syringe. ""

If Christian was ill because of salt excess, WHY ON EARTH WAS SALINE ADMINISTERED TO HIM BY SYRINGE? - THIS COULD ONLY COMPOUND THE PROBLEM, SURELY? - And was this saline measured and taken into account as having contributed to the excess of salt in his body?

If the boy was dehydrated he should have been given WATER, NOT SALT WATER!

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