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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Lady Godiva Awaits!

I kind of went off the boil over the weekend, what with the clocks going forward. However, yesterday I felt a lot better. Isn't it strange that the weather sometimes fits in with life. Summertime seemed to be here, or at least between Solihull and Coventry. I spent the afternoon in Coventry. They hope to make the city a splendid place. A lot of "regeneration" going on. From what I can gather there's plenty of money to spend as there were loads of people on a Monday out shopping. It's just a pity that the shopping all has to be done in 1960's precincts. Every shop seem to look the same. Concrete and clutter. My thoughts were that if the Luftwaffe had bombed the heart out of the city, wasn't it possible for a new heart to have been put back, rather than some less attractive organ! That's the one thing we seemed to be weak on in the 60's. I could see that Coventry could do with a complete makeover and perhaps it could become a city for cafe culture, great restaurants and theatres. The precincts would change into squares, the arcades into allies. It could!


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