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Saturday, March 10, 2007


James Hall, the official in charge of the supposedly-voluntary ID card scheme, has said the Government would allow people to opt out - but in return they must "forgo the ability" to have a travel document. Nice touch, James!

This is typical of the New Labour PC Fascism that we are now subjected to. Government poodles giving out information which effectively denies what ministers say to Parliament. So, OK, nobody tells porkies to MPs, but the result is just the same.

And our creepy Prime Minister this last week abolished, from his bunker room, the Privy Council Office. Part of British History consigned to his grubby dustbin! Parliament has not been told. Read Peter Oborne's excellent article.

Blair has no respect. He governs with a demoralised bunch of tricksters, who have excuses ready-made for any occasion. They bleat self-righteousness yet are proving to be self-serving.

How long before he goes?


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