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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Renault Risks Lives!

Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse in corporate greed land, a boss from Renault UK has just appeared on BBC TV's Watchdog. He was Tim Jackson, Press and Public Relations Director for Renault UK. Exactly what he considers public relations to be defies imagination. Tonight's show was all about the Renault Clio and the bonnet catch fault. True to form, this corporate clown blamed the customer for poor maintenance. No responsibility, other than writing to the existing Renault Clio owners, was taken by Renault UK. Even though it is evident that a bit of design tweaking would alleviate the problem for good!

I would think anyone watching his performance would wonder how he sleeps at night. Possibly valium helps? It is an utter disgrace that Renault is not brought to book for this outrage. And they are conveniently hiding behind VOSA, the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency, which seems to be as useful as a paper bag in a bath!

Today, New Labour did something good. It introduced regulations to stop another Farepak scandal. Consumer Minister Ian McCartney said "Ring-fencing contributions will ensure that customers' money can only be returned to customers and agents should the company go bust. Families will then be able to put something aside for Christmas in the confidence that their money is safe and there will never be another Farepak." Well done, I say. Credit where credit is due, and the Government has acted well here.

But that still leaves Renault UK and the corporate clown who is playing Russian roulette with drivers' lives. When will he get his knuckles wrapped? And it is utterly galling that Renault have this site on "Safety for All" when the subject of Clio owners' safety seems so low on the priority list. What hypocrites!


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