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Monday, April 23, 2007

Celebrating the Saints

Today is St Geoge's Day. He is the patron saint of England, a martyr and the embodiment of Englishness. So why not much merriment? Well, there are some of us thinking of the day and some of us who will have a celebration. But it still remains a minority.

There will be no St. George's Day parade in Birmingham. There was one for St. Patrick! Well, maybe not for him as such, for I doubt whether many on the parade were remembering his holy status as the bearer of the gospel to the Emerald Isle! But it is good to party. Nobody suggested it was a bad thing to do. However, can you imagine what might be said if English people set up their parades. My cynical mind tells me that the New Labour Fright Regime would like to set up a Parades Commission in return (and get some crony to sit on yet another quango!) and interfere. I hate being cynical, but 10 years of Blair makes a person a bit that way. Except, of course, for the dwindling band of Mr. Tony fans!

Today on BBC Breakfast the duo on the sofa limply said, "we're not allowed to wear roses" and most others on TV will be the same. On the radio, a local DJ was bemused by the apparent lack of interest, but seemed to accept it as the norm.

I look forward to the day when St. George's Day can be celebrated just the same as any other patron saint. OK, St. George may never match St. Valentine for popularity, but can't we love him a little bit more?


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