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Friday, May 11, 2007

An Endorsement!

Tony Blair endorses Gordon Brown for Labour Leader and therefore PM. He seemed about 75% happy to do so. I thought of all the times John Major was asked to endorse a colleague, only for that person to collapse in a heap, if not on their sword. But it was the Spitting Image memory of Margaret Thatcher out for dinner with her Cabinet colleagues that got me thinking of Blair's conundrum. The unctious waiter asks Margaret Thatcher, whilst taking her order, "And what about the vegetables?" "Oh! They'll have the same as me!".

Tony Blair didn't exactly have vegetables to contend with, rather a pack of ill-disciplined dogs. Some of the nippy variety, others rather brutish, given to pushing one over, especially with the fists!

Tony Blair is out to lunch! Yes, I know, but this is one where the menu has been cut down to size. "Can I have the John Reid Surprise?" "John Reid's off, sir!" "Oh! I'll have the Charles Clarke Curry, then." "That's off too, sir!" "Ugh, well the Alan Milburn Pie!" "That's off!" "What! Let's see, the Alan Johnson Souffle, then" "Off too, sir" "Oh this is ridiculous - ah, the David Miliband Mighty Meal, that's the one!" "It's not ready yet, sir. Sorry about that!" "Well what is ready and not off this menu?" "Well, you can have the Gordon Brown Haggis Delight, very tasty, and getting to become our most popular dish. I can recommend that one!" "I'm sure you can. Oh, well, if that's all you've got, I better have that! By the way, what's the name of this place?" "The Granita, sir" "Ah, help me, it's a nightmare! Where's my legacy gone.........................."


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