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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

He's gone. Just like that!

Some say our way of replacing Prime Ministers is a bit brutal. It certainly is in today's media spotlight. Helicopter-based cameras bearing down on Downing Street, reporters saying "Ooh, look, there goes an excercise machine!", and much other indelicate prattle.

It's swift, it's final and it's a spectacle. Tony Blair actually pulled it off with a great theatrical flourish. He was a politician that turned into a good actor. That's great House of Commons stuff. Not so good are actors turning into politicians, or in England at least. Glenda Jackson, Andrew Faulds, Michael Cashman have tried their luck to greater or lesser extent, but with no lasting glory. The House of Commons is an arena for performers who have the ability to be quick-witted, and on that point alone Blair was first rate!

Once he knew he was going and once he knew the date, he seemed to be counting down the days. The day itself was just like watching a senior prefect leaving school for the last time. Next term it will be same place, but a few new people will be joining. And a new prefect will be in charge!


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