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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Regional assemblies will be axed

Regional assemblies, which oversee the spending of tens of million pounds on housing, transport and planning, are to be scrapped, the government has said. New broom? Probably one with thick bristles, because the carpet in the former Deputy Prime Minister's office needs a good brushing with all the mess that's landed on it.

These quangos were never a democratic success. They have been a political nightmare, with self-serving placesitters having a good time. When the voters in the North-East (another "region") pushed the local assembly into the long grass by saying NO in a referendum, Prescott just acted the fool. Even now, these cash-guzzlers are giving life until 2010. Why not kill them off today? It would save an awful lot of money.

I somehow think a backroom deal has been done.


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