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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Tory Front Bench

David Cameron is giving some some the 2005 intake a chance. Both Justine Greening and Adam Afriyie come across as just the right people to promote Conservative thinking. When I look at the Labour front bench, with the likes of Des Browne (now shiftily trying to do two jobs!) and Jack Straw, the new Justice Minister, I wonder what has befallen us.

Cameron hasn't yet got it all sorted. For one thing, the Conservative website is decidedly short on informing people of what policies are on offer. Rather there is a fair amount about the challenges facing us. If he and his new team can take on board such ideas as an English Parliament and proper local government accountability and involvement (as opposed to Hazel Blears' window dressing offers), and be more forthright about EU governance, then we could see far more people returning to the Tory fold.


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