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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

West Midlands police state?

The BNP has posted a fairly long diatribe against the activities of West Midlands Police. My point in all the activities of the police in this country against the BNP is that it is a complete waste of time acting as agents provocateurs. It only gives the BNP the rightful excuse to say that the police are interfering in the democratic process.

If lawbreaking occurs, let the accused stand trial for transgressing the law. But we should all be on our guard against the police acting as some kind of guardian of the electorate's wellbeing.

What the BNP accuse West Midlands Police of is a simple disgrace if true. Will New Labour bring these ballot riggers to justice? The very idea that 400 nomination signers were contacted defies all that is seen as being of British fair play and decency. Let the Chief Constable say that he wants the BNP banned as a legal political party. But he can't because that would expose him as political busybody.

If it's the BNP now, what about the Christian Party (seen as anti-gay) or UKIP (seen as anti-establishment) or Respect (let's get George today). We need to nip it in the bud!


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