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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

An Englishman's Home......?

It used to be said that an Englishman's home was his castle. Under New Labour most of the government departments have become money-making outfits masquerading as "agencies". One such is the reborn Land Registry. I didn't know that it is now perfectly OK for anyone (for a small fee, of course!) to delve into the private affairs of everybody else. The BBC has unmasked this predatory cash cow.

Why is it possible? A spokesman prattled on about helping to speed up conveyancing. Another spiv in the New Labour pantheon, dedicated to spin and mischievous myth-making. How this could conceivably help I do not know. It is a busybodies charter, but then New Labour are congenitally programmed for such activity.

I shall not be paying a small fee to snoop on my neighbours. Good grief, with such sensitive information freely available, are we going sit back and let these clowns run an ID system? Anybody can check how much of a property is mortgaged. It is outrageous!


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