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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Humbug Indeed

The Electoral Commission wants to stuff UKIP good and proper. Don't you just love it? These quango queens said absolutely diddly-squat about the corrupt goings on with regard to New Labour's financial set-ups and peerage gifts. But UKIP can be brought to task, it seems.

A judge has ruled that UKIP should only repay £18,481 from a donation of £363,697. These vindictive pen-pushers now want to appeal the decision. Rather pompously an official says "We are disappointed that the court did not order forfeiture of all the donations in question which, by UKIP's own admission, were impermissible." The impermissable bit was that Mr. Alan Bown, the donor in question, was not on the electoral register at the time of the donation. It's not as if Mr. Bown is a foreigner or a man seeking privileges behind closed doors. It's all a bit different from Tony Blair's reckless manipulation of his own laws inspired by a desire to do down the Tory Party.

Blair was a walking talking fully-fledged hypocrite when it came to party funding. The Electoral Commission should have gone after the big fish and left the smaller fry to digest this one-off clerical error.


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