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Friday, September 21, 2007

It's All Balls!

My wife's in Denver at the moment. I've just been speaking on the phone with her. Last night she went to a fantastic restaurant downtown. It's the Buckhorn Exchange. She had a fine old time, apparently, enjoying the culinary delights on offer. As she raved on about the meal, I looked up the website. "What are Rocky Mountain Oysters?" I enquired, thinking that fish and the middle of America don't always mix. "Oh!" she said, laughing, "It's buffalo balls". Ah, buffalo balls! Now why didn't I think of that. Euphemism indeed.

Bruce's Bar*, the rural roadhouse renowned for Rocky Mountain Oysters, served about 20 tons a year! Wow. Now that's a helluva lot of testicular tuck!

This reminded me of a school trip to Switzerland back in the 60's. On the menu of the hotel (packed full of boys from boarding schools in England!) was a dish which one boy found out was reindeer balls. "What's that you're eating?" a master inquisitively asked. "Balls, sir!" "Uh!" "Yes, reindeer balls" The poor man blushed a bit and changed the subject.

* = Bruce's Bar closed down this year. Rocky Mountain News.


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