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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Little Miss Nice?

Harriet Harman has opened her mouth to say that she thinks the Conservative Party is still "the nasty party". She has some brass neck, doesn't she? Actually, rather posh brass neck, but then she has always tried to live this down.

Again hypocrisy arises. If she really knows what being nasty is, then she has only to look across the Cabinet table at the self-serving creeps who have have connived to bring Britain to the point where indebtedness could engulf the nation any minute. And you can bet your bottom dollar, or Scottish Pound, that they will have got their own nest eggs nicely warmed up.

Whether New Labour or Old Labour, they always puff themselves up to suggest they care for the poor, when in actual fact they don't.

It used to be said that the achilles heel for Tories was sex and for Labour money! With New Labour it's both SEX AND MONEY! The philandering John Prescott is a prime example. Boy! We need to get rid of them. They really are the nasty party!


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