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Saturday, September 08, 2007

Muslim Madness?

I've known some, and know some, very peaceful Muslims. They've always said "As-Salāmu `Alaykum" and I know they meant it. But just as there are some people who have let Christianity down, there are hotheads in the Islamic world who believe in separateness and sectarianism. The Times says that a leading preacher of a hardline Islamic sect, which controls almost half of British mosques, has delivered a message filled with anger at non-Muslims. Not a very peaceful man, for sure!

The Sermon on the Mount was when Jesus said "Blessed are the Peacemakers". All three religions emanating from Abraham's time profess peace. The Christian message also lays great stress on love as well. This cleric would do well to consider loving his enemies, doing good to those that abuse him, rather than ranting at all and sundry.

The man appears to be a bitter and twisted person. Yes, there are horrors in the world. But lumping rape and opera together in order to have a go at the "West" is imbecilic. Pavorotti has just died. His contribution to this world was far greater than this imam's thoughts will ever be. As if opera is evil! The thinking is corrupt.

The imam says of Christmas - "“Muslims celebrating Christmas! It’s amazing. We think that it's innocent. It’s not innocent. The Christmas Eve masses held in their churches. What do they do? They take bread and they take wine in a very formal, customary way . . . They believe they are eating the flesh of Issa [Jesus]. When they drink the wine, they believe they are consuming the blood of Issa, ie the flesh and the blood of his sacrifice. Of course, it’s all mumbo-jumbo.”

I'd be the first to say he has a right to say this stuff. I believe in free speech. But what about my right, if I wanted it, to say anything about Mohammed's ideas in a public place in Riyadh? Not much chance, I think. A pork butcher may do better setting up shop!

The cleric should thank his lucky stars he's here in Britain where his ramblings are tolerated (so long as they are legal!) and not in some frightful Taliban town, where he would definitely have to mind his P's and Q's!!!


"This cleric would do well to consider loving his enemies, doing good to those that abuse him, rather than ranting at all and sundry."

Hi AF,
I'm afraid that people quoting Jesus gets me going a bit! Much better for this cleric that, first of all, he comes to know the grace of God in Jesus Christ. This involves a genuine recognition of one's sinfulness before a holy God. Muslims (and actually most other people too) really believe they are capable of covering this up before God. But this is impossible. Hence Jesus first beatitude is "blessed are the poor in spirit". Here is a genuine recognition of being 'undone'.

Then grace comes in Christ, transforming the heart. This new creature (2 Cor 5:17) can then live a transformed life. It is a deep spiritual work that is required. Thats the only hope for sinful people, even radical muslim clerics!

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