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Sunday, September 30, 2007

New Labour smears!

Another New Labour prig! Phil Woolas is typically New Labour. All smeary talk and innuendo. Conservative community cohesion spokesman Lady Warsi has described claims she is pandering to the BNP on immigration as "ludicrous". The Muslim peer is under fire after telling the Independent on Sunday immigration had been out of control and was making people "uneasy". Woolas is implying in some crazy way that she is giving succour to the BNP. It's all nasty mischief-making on his part.

To think that a Muslim woman who is part of David Cameron's inner circle would even have any comfort for the BNP is laughable. They would not be looking for such comfort. What she is saying is that views of BNP voters need to be addressed, NOT that she agrees with the likes of Nick Griffin.

It is all part of the New Labour way of trying to get anything to stick on opponents. It's very distasteful.


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