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Sunday, September 30, 2007

The Right's 100 Most Influential: 100-76

The Daily Telegraph has come up with a list of 100 influential types on the Right of British politics. Always assuming we know what right means these days. Tony Blair could possibly be on the list by some people's description of the meaning of "on the right". Maybe he will turn up in pole position!

The list from 100 to 76 is:-

76. LADY SHEPHARD Chairman, Association of Conservative Peers
77. TIMOTHY KIRKHOPE MEP Leader of Conservative MEPs
78. JEREMY HUNT MP Shadow Secretary of State for Culture Media & Sport
79. DOUGLAS MURRAY Director, Centre for Social Cohesion
80. THERESA MAY MP Shadow Leader of the House of Commons
81. ANDREW FELDMAN Deputy Treasurer of the Conservative Party
82. JOHN BLUNDELL Director, Institute of Economic Affairs
83. MARGOT JAMES Vice Chairman of the Conservative Party (Women)
84. ANNABEL GOLDIE Leader of the Scottish Conservative Party
85. GUIDO FAWKES Blogger: www.order-order.com
87. SAYEEDA WARSI Shadow Minister for Community Cohesion
88. ANDREW ROBERTS Historian
89. JAMES O'SHAUGHNESSY Director of Policy & Research, Conservative Party
90. MARGARET EATON Chairman, Conservative Councillors' Association
91. RICHARD NORTH & HELEN SZAMUELY Bloggers, EU Referendum blog
92. EDWARD LISTER Leader, London Borough of Wandsworth
93. EDWARD LEIGH MP Chairman, Public Accounts Committee
94. STEPHEN GREENHALGH Leader, London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham
95. DESMOND SWAYNE MP Conservative MP for New Forest West
96. MIKE WHITBY Leader, Birmingham City Council
97. TIM CONGDON Founder, Lombard Street Research
98. CHRISTINE CONSTABLE Deputy Leader, English Democrats
99. PETER BAZALGETTE Entrepreneur
100. ZAC GOLDSMITH Conservative Candidate for Richmond

The list is here. The 25 influential types (or 26 actually, as #91 is a "William and Mary" entry!) are very much in the mind of the beholder. Interesting that Christine Constable of the English Democrats is in there. She can ring a few bells!

The Telegraph describes Peter Bazalgette, at #99, as "the inspiration behind Endemol, Britain's most successful independent TV production company". That's poetic licence indeed! The more accurate description is that he has been and is a successful TV producer/executive with his own production company mainly producing cookery programmes. His business became part of Endemol UK which in turn is part of the Dutch Endemol Group. The real inspiration behind all this was Joop van den Ende and John de Mol, hence EndeMol.


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