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Friday, September 21, 2007

Tradition gets in the way

It is not only the Anglican Church that is wrestling with traditional values and rock-solid beliefs. The Conservative Party is also taking up the "change agenda" for all it is worth. David Cameron saw Tony Blair's hatchet job on the Labour Party as something to be emulated. Not exactly a root and branch approach, more an attempt to remove it's heart and soul.

I did not agree with the late Eric Heffer's view on politics, but I had a great admiration for his tenacity and standing up for what he believed in. He once said that, as he was a carpenter by trade, the House of Commons could do with someone of his background. He also quipped that he was in good company as this was also the trade that Jesus was born into. Eric Heffer was raised in an Angl0-Catholic family. I wonder what he would have made of Tony Blair's time in office.

The Conservative Party is definitely a changed outfit. The Promotional Candy Company was hoping to supply sticks of rock with David Cameron's name through it. Indeed an order had been placed, but someone phoned them to say "it's not that type of conference". Pity!

Seems it's not that type of party, either.


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