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Friday, October 26, 2007

Miami Dolphins and New York Giants in London

Who'd have thought it? The NFL is staging a proper regular-season game for the first time outside the United States. The clash of the titans will be on Sunday and is playing to a full house. Ex-pat Americans, as well as British fans, can get all the fun at the new Wembley Stadium. True to their word, the bosses of this long-awaited sports arena are making sure that events in the stadium are not just left to the soccer successfuls.

Wembley will, I'm sure, prove a real boost for the future prospects of American Football in the UK and Europe as a whole. This will be a REAL game in that it will be played for real, and not as an exhibition or friendly match.

Whilst most American Footballers don't have cauliflower ears, broken noses, or puffy eyelids, they do carry a load of muscle on them. Maybe we will get on-pitch microphones to hear all the action as with the Rugby World Cup. The padding and headgear keeps the NFL players relatively bruise free. What a difference with those Rugby players last weekend! And neither the NFL types or the Rugby lot would pass the strictures of the government's BMI (Body Mass Index) code. One quick measuring would blow that medical mystery into touch very quickly.


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