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Monday, October 15, 2007

The Milk of Human Kindness?

Apparently there was a rumour that DEFRA was considering banning the sale of fresh milk in the UK and forcing us to consume either UHT or LongLife milk. What a ghastly thought! UHT milk has all the taste of blandness and as for LongLife, well it has a stringy taste, a bit like an old goat passed it!

If you drink tea with LongLife it permeates the drink and, well, it's awful. Only a soulless civil servant with nothing better to do on a Friday afternoon could come up with such a suggestion.

Thankfully DEFRA has denied such a move. It has to be kicked well into the long grass where cows can produce decent milk and not have the ignominy of having something natural turned into something so ghastly.

If DEFRA wants to cut down on greenhouse gasses why not start with the number of lighbulbs they use and amount of heating belting out from their offices.


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