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Monday, October 01, 2007

The Right's 100 Most Influential: 75-51

The next 25 names in the list came out in the Daily Telegraph today. No great surprises, but my musings about Blair may not be so wide of the mark. Being "of the Right" includes all sorts of non-Tories. David Laws, the LibDem MP finds himself in at #66. Could be he will demand George Osborn's job in any Lib/Con coalition of the future.

Samantha Cameron comes in at #52, but I think it is journalistic licence to describe her as "whispering sweet nothings" when in fact she has probably just as much value to the debate as the others on the list.

Norman Tebbit's star doesn't fade away much. He can hold his own with the modernisers! He might just be the ballast needed to keep the "activists" from believing everything the Daily Mirror is currently dreaming up.


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