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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Blundering On!

To think that the UK is now subject to endless mishaps and misery! At least, that's what it feels like. On Tuesday, the Chancellor (a part-time MP job sharing with an MSP like our Prime Minister!) was still grinning when he thought he'd scored a point or two against the opposition over Northern Rock. Yesterday, the smirks were gone from both of them. The whole sorry episode of the missing CD file reflects on the way Government ministries or quangos are run. I find myself in that long list of names floating around somewhere. It's all become a bit like hunt the thimble. Everybody that's keen, from opportunist thieves to careerist quangoites ("I found it first, Prime Minister!") will be like ferrets in a sack.

The government has stuffed their offices full of cheery, but mostly ill-equipped, young people who have not the understanding or common sense to realise when errors could be that serious. There is a culture of make do, can do, and won't do all mixed up. Job cuts, ever more workloads, and no doubt forms that need hours of intelligent deciphering make up life for these workers! It is literally the Ministry of Mayhem, as the Daily Mail puts it today.

If ever there was proof that the idea of ID cards in the UK was a monumental mistake, it is here on a plate. All those Gordon Browns out there. Check your identities right now. You could be mistaken for a grumpy Scotsman trying to hide the rubbish under the carpet!


I think you're overly optimistic to think Nu Labour will have a rethink of ID cards. They're far to stubborn to admit that on reflection it may not be a good idea, and to short sighted to see the dangers. Sadly the leaders of this country show little strategic leadership, they simply hop around trying to put out the latest fire that has started.

WANTED - Strong leader who can think greater than 1 year in the future to lead a Great country, apply to 10 Downing Street

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