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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Caught Redknapping!

I find some of the actions taken by some police officers in this country quite bizarre. Portsmouth manager Harry Redknapp is alleged to be involved in corruption in football. If so, then the police have a duty to react and be seen to be following due procedures. But an element of common sense must be part of the way things are done. Redknapp strenuously denies any such involvement. But his anger today is really over the way he and his wife have been treated.

He was "deeply upset" that his home was raided at six o'clock in the morning with Sun press photographers in tow, when the allegations had "nothing whatsoever to do with me". What loon of a senior police officer thought this was a good idea? Did he not bother to check that Redknapp, a Premiership manager was out of the country at the time? He was at a Champions League match in Germany! Some detective work! Why so early in the morning? It just seems like a vulgar publicity stunt.

His wife was alone, had the living daylights scared out of her and a barely used computer taken. Was ten in the morning too late for them?

As Redknapp says, this is not the way we want society conducted. Wake up, you coppers!


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