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Friday, November 30, 2007

Fighting talk?

Last night on the BBC's Question Time, during a response to a question on whether the BNP leader and David Irving should have be invited to the Oxford Union, David Dimbleby changed tack a bit. He asked Caroline Flint, a government minister, if she would appear on a Question Time programme with Nick Griffin, the BNP Chairman. She looked her most steely and sanctimoniously said no. On the other hand, Alan Duncan, for the Conservatives, said he would and would relish the chance to beat him in debate. Bravo Mr.Duncan!

Caroline Flint is an odd cove. Perhaps she is not best placed to chew over the immigration debate with Griffin. She had a tussle with immigration herself. Her first husband, a Libyan who she was keen to forget, had been dumped by her, and, according to him, got deported in a fairly undignified manner. In addition to this, she is something of a have-a-go heroine in that she was involved in foiling an armed robbery with her second husband.

Ms Flint should ask herself why so many people are prepared to vote for the BNP. Perhaps it is that they can make political hay by highlighting the totally inept way this government has handled the whole issue of immigration. We get foreign criminals feted and innocent immigrants hounded. Isn't she better off, even if she won't do it herself, getting New Labour to change their poncy stance, rectify their erroneous attitudes, and take on the BNP in debate.


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