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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

In the short term

Gordon Brown has set out the "long-term changes" he thinks the UK needs, in his first Queen's Speech as prime minister. I really do hope this lot is not in for the long term. Being led by a part-time MP, a man who has virtually no understanding of the needs of England after he and his colleagues butchered the constitutional framework of the UK, is no joy.

Vince Cable, the Acting Leader of the LibDems (his Equity card is in the post!), got it about right when he accused Brown of producing a legislative programme with no new ideas and "no vision," saying he "cut a sad figure". Sad figure indeed!

It's all about coercion, new powers and quangos. New Labour can't help themselves when it comes to "ideas". Democracy? It would be a fine thing, but when you only have the active support of 20% of the electorate, acting tough seems to be the watchword.

And as for working with the Iraqi government "to deliver security, political reconciliation and economic reconstruction", it beggars belief. Did you see the BBC's excellent "No Plan, No Peace". Using a Lonely Planet guide and the back of an envelope, Bush and Blair created mayhem. But the classic was the dimwitted British official who insulted the Iraqis when they said they had a meal prepared for the new masters, only to be told "Oh, we're having dinner elsewhere".

Can you believe these Foreign Office mandarins? No! We are being led by clueless, arrogant people who are only answerable to themselves.

Let's not give Brown "the long-term". Let him go now!


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