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Wednesday, November 28, 2007


This morning, my young son aged six announced to his sister aged five, "I heard on the radio last night that a person went into a pub without any knickers on!" "Did they? Really?" came the inquisitive reply. "Yes!" he said, with an air of superior knowledge. I liked the reference to "a person". Very modern. New Labour would be pleased.

This bathroom banter reminded be suddenly of my maternal grandmother having a conversation with a resident of the Yorkshire village she lived in. Discussing the problems of a local girl who had "fallen pregnant", my grandmother was concerned about the girl's wellbeing and was suggesting what the future might hold for her. The woman conversing with my grandmother was in a world of her own. She suddenly said "You'd think she would have been OK. After all, she was wearing knickers, wasn't she?" All my grandmother could do was drop her jaw!

Do times change?


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