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Friday, November 30, 2007

Sniffer Dog Required

Yes, one sniffer dog, with good nose for sniffing out trouble at the heart of New Labour's crumbling empire. Single-minded snout control freak of the highest canine order. And one that can recognise that Jack Straw couldn't sniff the difference between a stink and a scented rose!

Today the Justice Secretary told BBC Radio 4's Today programme that Gordon Brown had "absolutely no knowledge" that proxy donors were used to give money to the Labour Party. The prime minister would have "stopped it immediately" had he had "a sniff that this was going on", Mr Straw said. But hold on a minute! Jack was chief bottlewasher for this single candidate election for Labour leadership. Did his political experience not for one minute suggest that he should be asking where all the donations for Gordon Brown's "campaign" were coming from? Why on earth was the General Secretary never asked if everything was kosher in the party's coffers, particularly after the cash-for-honours scandal and Brown's Downing Street declaration that he was going to change things?

Come off it, Jack! You're simply not believable on this one.


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