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Saturday, December 01, 2007

Don't Wind Me Up!!

I can get so wound up sometimes watching the news and hearing of all the things going on in the world. My general outlook is conservative by nature but libertarian by inclinination. I certainly don't want to live in a country where officialdom is run by mixture of andrenalin junkies and incompetents. The former seem to be twitching away in parts of the police service.

This ongoing corruption in football inquiry. Are the police really do themselves any favours? I think not. Football agent Willie McKay has criticised police after his home was raided as part of their inquiry into allegations of corruption in the game. Mr McKay, who insists he has done nothing wrong, said some 28 officers stormed his house while his family were inside and even came in to his bedroom. 28 officers? Even if he lives in a house of, say, above average size, this is quite a number of police officers (all belted up with helmets on?) running up and down the stairs.

"It was like a terrorist operation, like something out of a film," he said. "It was 6am, all I could hear was people shouting 'police' - I got out of bed and there were police officers all over the place. I got ready but I was absolutely startled and amazed; they actually came up into my bedroom - I think there were around 28."

If the City of London police think this is the proper way to run policing in this country, then I think they need to go back into the classroom for some "re-training". The chap pictured above is Mike Bowron, the City of London Police Commissioner. Come on, Mike, tell us if you think it really needs 28 of your finest to go clodhopping into Mr. McKay's bedroom?

This story just tells us that the police treat every allegation and every suspect in exactly the same way. Mr. McKay goes down on the same page as known hoodlums and manic street preachers like Abu Hamsa.

Get a grip and a sense of proportion, Commissioner!


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