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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Britney Spears' family says Dr.Phil betrayed them!

It was something that was almost bound to be at the top of the probability stakes. That Dr.Phil would be keen to talk about his hospital trip to Britney's bedside. Now the family is upset about comments he made. She was represented on Wednesday's NBC Today show by Lou Taylor, a family spokesman, who accused Philip McGraw of violating their trust by making public statements after his visit with the troubled pop star. Apparently he issued a statement saying that Spears was "in dire need of medical and psychological intervention".

I would have thought she would have received far better help from an innocuous, unassuming doctor of little or no public profile, rather than the showbizzy Dr.Phil (who has allowed himself to move away from empathetic help and advice towards the more tabloid elements of American lifestyles). The very idea that Dr.Phil, who had just cancelled a show featuring Britney, would be as quiet as a church mouse on the subject seems very odd.

Maybe the type of doctor I recommend would have said "she's in dire need of peace and quiet!"


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