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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Casting a Veil over the Judiciary?

I raised this before about the magistrate who found a completely veiled woman in front of him in his court. Apparently the woman felt she could be tried appropriately dressed in this way. Ian Murray the magistrate in question has spent quite a time being judged for his "crimes" and will now go for "retraining". I can't think why.

The barking mad morons in charge of all this are the one's who need retraining, or better still removing from the entire judicial system. This woman claimed it was a slight on her religion, but as a faithful woman she saw fit to commit criminal damage and was convicted after causing £1,500 of damage to a council house when her family was thrown out. How Islamic is that?

But more to the point, she needed to be identified and the rigmarole that the powers-that-be came up with are shockingly expensive for such a court hearing. It is a mad world indeed, sometimes!


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