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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Conway Twitty - or is it Twitty Conway?

Derek Conway, the Conservative MP in search of sinecures for his sons, deserves what he got. That is, being deprived of the whip in parliament. I'm surprised David Cameron didn't give him a good thrashing with the whip before he confiscated it. Another MP, Roger Gale (former Radio Caroline DJ, no less), came to Conway's assistance by confirming he was a man of integrity. He may well be in normal circumstances.

What I find really odd is that by now you'd have thought these MPs would have sussed that any wrongdoing over financial matters is going to get them into trouble. Are they thick, stupid, naive, insensitive, or what? Did Conway ever say to his son "Look, put in a couple of appearances, for goodness sake!" or did he just not even bother with that? Beggars belief, I say.

So it is Twitty Conway, for being such a twit!


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