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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Episcopal Church 'unfairly criticised'

According to Katherine Jefferts Schori, head of the Episcopal Church in the USA, her ministry and that of some of her bishops is being "unfairly criticised". I'm not sure I follow her on this. After all, she has spent her entire life it seems bringing down the tenets of orthodox Christianity. First, as a Roman Catholic, she voiced dissent until she left in a huff, denouncing the Pope as this, that and the other for "his attitude to women". Finding the Episcopal Church more to her liking, she has virtually turned it into a version of the Synagogue of the Libertines.

She thinks that by "being open on the question of sexuality" she is being honest, and others are operating double standards. It's not so much that, it is far more that she will not countenance any in the Episcopal Church who will not bow down to her new ideas. I have no desire to promote "unfair criticism" and am perfectly content to allow Mrs Schori to be herself.

But will she allow others to be themselves?


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