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Monday, January 14, 2008

Former Romney supporter gets abused for backing Ron Paul

Most of the presidential candidates have web forums for discussion groups. Mitt Romney is no exception. Generally they offer supporters an internet presence to rally the foot soldiers. But how do you think a forum should react to someone who wants to change allegiance? Get a torrent of abuse for a reasoned argument? I would hope not!

But on a forum for Mitt Romney, one newbie poster gets a real drubbing and dressing down, being accused of all sorts. Andrew is the poster, who gives a very good account of why he is switching to Ron Paul. One comment is -

"Mitt's attacks on Ron Paul show me something of Mitt's lack of character - and especially following Ron Paul supporting / being protective of Mitt Romney on Jay Leno."

Andrew gets this in return -

"Go away you Nat. Get a idea for yourself instead of running around the net posting the same damn thing. Come back when you want to use YOUR brain instead what was sent to you in a drip-mail campaign."

There's more! I know Romney can't have any control or influence or whatever over his supporters, but, wow, does he really want Bill anywhere near him?

Forum "dialogue" here.


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