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Monday, January 28, 2008

Gnomes of Zurich pick Blair - 'Because change happenz'

Slogans and more slogans are what the bosses of the Zurich Financial Services Group will get now that Tony Blair is "advising" them. "Anything I can do for you gnomes?" They've bought into the idea of giving him another part-time job. Will he have time to run Europe as well? (Rumour has it that Gordon Brown might not let the EU President thing go ahead - "because change happenz").

I'm not against ex-prime ministers earning money. I think it is perfectly acceptable, especially in one as young as Blair when he left office. He's not exactly of retirement age. My beef with him is the rather cheesy way in which he went about it. Buying huge houses in London, flats in Bristol, etc, etc, with mortgages no other citizen in the country could get. How was he able to do it? As one prominent mortgage broker put it "He'll be able to earn a fortune when he leaves office, so any lender won't worry". So all the press speculation about how he could afford the monthly payments was all wasted as the lenders in question would do any deal because they had a bankable client on hand. In that sense Blair is a far better risk than the likes of the former Northern Rock management.

What all this means is that the British people put up with ten years of spin, deceit and manipulation so that a man who is paid a reasonable but not huge salary can bide his time for the jackpot years that come afterwards.

Well "change happenz" and people are beginning to realise that this gravy train mentality has got to end. When Nigel Farage stood up in the EU parliament to put to Manuel Baroso the fraudulent nature of his commission, Baroso just gave an oily smirk.

Change happenz and people will want it to happen more often.


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