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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Gordon Bean's gone an' dunnit!

Prime Minister's Questions today. Nice turn of phrase or phrases from David Cameron. He says the government's proposed rescue package for Northern Rock is a "sub-prime deal from a sub-prime minister". He said Gordon Brown was like "a used car salesman who won't tell you the price". That's our Gordon! He also tells porkies about the inflation rate, conveniently leaving out mortgages and council tax. That way he can halve everything. A bit like going to a furniture store and asking what the discounts really mean.

Cameron said the deal was "damaging" and "dodgy". He taunted Mr Brown that the Northern Rock deal was "as much a rescue package for your reputation". "You've gone from Prudence to Del Boy without even touching the ground. The fact that you won't answer a single question just shows what a dodgy deal this is." That's Gordon's big problem. He won't answer questions, only ask them of the opposition parties. So that's what is meant by PMQ's. It's the Prime Minister's own questions!

I hope the Chinese and Indians were suitably impressed by his persuasive powers. Good thing he left that yellow van behind.


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