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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Hain holds back on statement as he rattles his memory!

Peter Hain is holed up in his Welsh home trying to figure out what to say next. The whole sorry saga of this permatanned 'spiv' and his dismal attempts to become deputy Leader of the Labour Party have embroiled Gordon Brown in continuing stories of sleaze. For those who remember Peyton Place a similar catchphrase could be used for New (or Tarnished?) Labour - "This is the continuing story of New Labour."

Hain should have been aware that a bogus think-tank that did virtually no thinking and which was registered in a solicitor's office would become the subject of scrutiny. The so-called Progressive Policies Forum was just a conduit for funds. The ex-TV journalist John Underwood claims it did no work because all its income went to help Hain.

But the real choice part in all this was when an eye-blinking bag carrier, Martin Linton MP, appeared on Channel 4 News. He was in the dark, completely unaware of the Forum, professing innocence all round. He was as totally unconvincing, that is what he was!

We await Hain's statement to see what happens next.


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