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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Hain is incompetent infers Brown!

Gordon Brown has, in a way, presided over a shambolic incompetence ever since he became Prime Minister last year. Now he goes on TV to explain that one of his ministers, Peter Hain, is guilty of an incompetence. "It was a mistake that was made. It was an incompetence that he has readily admitted to...." burbled the part-time MP. Given that Brown has little constituency work to be involved with (as he job shares with an MSP), he has plenty of time to ask pertinent questions. As Harriet Harman got her knickers in a twist over money during the Deputy Leadership contest, did it never occur to this prudent Scot to think it may be prudent to ask if the others had something to hide? And does he really think it OK to keep on a minister who is capable of such incompetences?

Now, there is an inquiry going on, and it could be that Hain gets his collar felt by the police, which for him won't be the first time. This will result in the New Labour outfit being investigated THREE TIMES for alleged wrongdoing and possible criminality. And people still think they are fit to govern?

In his haste to defend all this chicanery, Brown mutters that there had been "no corruption" and no illegal donations. So is that it, then? What if the inquiries find differently? I'd say he'd better wait until the real facts are unearthed before he tries to smooth things over in such a clumsy way.


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