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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Hillary Clinton Claws Back For A Comeback!

Much against the perceived odds, Hillary Clinton came in to win the New Hampshire Primary for the Democrats. So that little bitty tear didn't let her down. She won by a reasonable margin over Barack Obama, but the main point is that she stuck one on the pollsters. It appears that the whole of this election process will see, on one side, an unholy alliance of pollsters, lobbyists and pork-barrel scratchers, and on the other, an array of politicians vying for votes, with the electorate sandwiched in between.

The media got all worked up, jumping on the Obama bandwagon, but with little idea of where it was going. The pollsters are rather like motorists on a road diversion, looking for the temporary signs. They get so keen on telling us what they think we should think rather than asking the people that matter. On BBC Newsnight last night, reporter David Grossman was "predicting" an Obama win and making it sound all authoritative. He said the Clinton campaign was expecting the worst. How wrong can you be?

The truth is that both Democratic candidates will be winning there, losing here until something happens. Of course, if John Edwards stays in he will help this political leapfrogging.

So one up for Hillary Clinton, one up for Barack Obama, two down for the pollsters!!

Democratic Primary Result -

Hillary Clinton - 39%
Barack Obama - 36%
John Edwards - 17%
Bill Richardson - 5%


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