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Friday, January 25, 2008

McCain is economically tight and fiscally lite!

John McCain, if ever elected President may have a mouth that runs away faster than his brain. Currently, George W Bush manages to garble together a few words of wisdom on the current economic woes, such as commiserating with "those good folks who find themselves on hard times", meaning those caught up in the sub-prime mortgage market. John McCain has slightly more finesse, but it is delivered at times with menacing tones. His attitude to Iraq is perflexing, as if bombing and bulldozing through Baghdad with "the surge" will help adjust anti-American sentiments. Good luck to him in chasing down Osama Bin Laden ("I will do that!"), but closer to home I'm sure the American people want a president who has at least some grasp of economic matters.

McCain, in last night's GOP debate, airily brushed aside Ron Paul's question about the President's Working Group on Financial Markets—the so-called Plunge Protection Team. This was probably asked because McCain had boasted that "I'm very well versed in economics" to Tim Russert. Apparently at an earlier date, he had alluded to his lack of economic expertise, possibly as a humorous aside. But the awful truth was that McCain didn't have much clue, in fact he side-stepped it by implying he would be like some emperor summoning his minions (who would be trusted and learned financial experts!).

I think it would be far better to have a president who understands a fair bit about economics and has a thought out policy around the subject, rather than one who glibly demurs to others and finds the whole thing too much.


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